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multiflex - bending plywood

Multiflex is a special plywood that thanks to its particular composition has a high flexibility.
Multiflex is a very practical solution to produce curved structures, especially when small radii are required.
Multiflex is a unique product for the ease with which it can take any curvature and rounded shapes also "S" or circular. Is indicated in the creation or the cover of columns, bar furniture, boats, caravans, and interior architecture in general.

Trade names
Flexply, flexoply, flexible plywood, bendy plywood, bending plywood, contreplaqué souple, panneau contreplaqué cintrable, biegensperrholz, contrachapado curvable, compensato flessibile, pannello compensato curvabile, esotico flessibile, esoflex, compensato pieghevole.

Features and advantages
- Cold forming with small radii (with no need for heat forming or water treatment).
- Self-supporting structure eliminates the need for structural skeletons or special supports.
- Complex multi-radii shapes can be quickly and easily prepared.
- The panels can simply be combined and glued together to create different thicknesses (mm. 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, etc.).
- More convenient than other premade wood forms.
- Reduction of material and labour costs to a minimum.
- No need for special equipment or prior experience.

Panel consists of two veneer sheets of ceiba (timber plantation wood also called fromager) with parallel grain and inner core of thin wood or other flexible material.
From 3mm to 9mm thickness the composition is 3-layers, over the composition is 5-layers.

Gluing (EN 314-2)
The bonding of the layers is made by heating with special thermosetting adhesives, normally Class 1, for indoor and dry uses.
Upon request it can be produced in Class 2, for uses in damp indoor environments and outside covered.
Emission of formaldehyde (EN 1084) within the limits of Class A, (limit up to 3.5 mg/m2h), equivalent to the class E1 (most commercially known) according to the directive German DIBT.

About 380 kg/m3

mm. 2500x1220 - 3120x1870 (long grain, bending in the longest measure)
mm. 1220x2500 - 1870x3120 (cross grain, bending in the shortest measure)
Special sizes upon request.

mm. 3, 5, 8, 12, 16
(others upon request)

I / II (two faces to leave raw or covered with laminate or veneer)

Technical specifications
Bending radius
for a mm. 5 board
about 5 cm
Bending radius
for a mm. 8 board
about 10 cm
Longitudinal elasticity
for a mm. 5 board
210 N/mm2
Cross elasticity
for a mm. 5 board
6300 N/mm2
Thickness tolerance+/- 0,35mm
Length tolerance+/- 5mm
Width tolerance+/- 5mm
Tolerance in squaring2 mm/m
Moisture content (at delivery)8-12%

Usage and storage instructions
- Store the panels lying flat in a clean, shaded, dry place.
- Panels should be transported on a hard flat surface. Single panels can be rolled, but should not remain in this position for long periods.
- Do not expose the panel to sudden changes in humidity, temperature, and also protect it from sunlight.
- Glue the panels while they are brought into the desired shape. When the glue is dry panel will retain its shape.
- Laminate or veneer can be applied during the initial curvature, or in a second step.
- Any wood glue can be used.

Multiflex bending plywood

Multiflex bendy ply

Multiflex cross grain

Multiflex long grain

Multiflex is developed and optimized to work in perfect combination with GLOBAL membrane presses

GMP-P from GLOBAL Vacuum Presses

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