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Panoxil light weight particleboard
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100% poplar timber panels
Panoxil® panels are recognized and appreciated worldwide for their lightness, their characteristic white color of Italian poplar, and the fine surface made with microparticles.

Features and Benefits
Poplar particles, the main Panoxil® component, essentially derive from poplar logs of average diameter in order to ensure calibration and refining.
The careful selection of raw materials and their processing, provide excellent stability together with very low specific weight (starting from 450 kg/m3), high workability even at the edges, good screw holding ability, ease of cutting, machining, and molding: the inner layer is very compact and homogeneous and, thanks to peculiar poplar features, it allows long life to service tools during processing.

Panoxil® Range
Panoxil® panels are available Standard (rough) and overlayed with veneer, plastic laminate or melamine paper.

Panoxil light weight particleboard

Panoxil light weight particleboard

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