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Panoxil light weight particleboard
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Melamine Faced Panoxil®

Decorative sheets on a unique core
Panels of agglomerated particles of white poplar Panoxil® Standard are superficially and structurally suitable to undergo the process of finishing with melamine impregnated papers.
The compactness of a panel that incorporates both mechanical and composition quality, makes it possible to provide semifinished products, covered with a top quality decorative paper and finishing.

Decorative range
To service the customers, melamine faced panels are supplied with decorative white paper 130 gr./m2, or with barrier at 220 gr./m2 and with wax finish.

Features and Benefits
Overlayed with melamine papers Panoxil® highlights its strengths:
  • extremely lightweight and compact
  • very clear and uniform color that does not let annoying uneven telegraphing coloration, typical of panels made from recycled material
  • perfect surface calibration which avoids the use of barriers (barrier possible on request)
  • 3700x1870mm size appropriate to the main needs and thicknesses up to 30 mm (other sizes and thicknesses evaluated on request)
  • easy to work with great savings on tooling used
  • extremely low production lots
  • low formaldehyde emission, also F**** certified
  • FSC-CoC certification

mm. 3700x1870 (standard size)
Other sizes on request

Panel thickness
mm. 10, 18, 20, 25, 30
Others on request

Bonding and Certification
Panoxil® Standard is made with urea-formaldehyde resin, suitable for panel use in dry conditions. The panel is compliant with Class 1, according to the requirements of EN 717-1 (single-value <= 8mgHCHO/100g - medium value <= 6.5 mgHCHO/100g) methodological standards EN 120, commercially known as E1.
On request we also produce a panel with very low levels of formaldehyde emission that can be used without restriction in accordance with the Japanese norm F**** (JIS A 1460 - HCHO <= 0.3 mg/l), commercially known as the E0 class.
It is available on request with FSC-CoC certification.

Panoxil light weight particleboard

Panoxil poplar particle board

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