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Panoxil light weight particleboard
What is Panoxil®
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Veneered Panoxil®

Veneer on a unique and light core
The lightweight agglomerated panels of particles of white poplar Panoxil® are particularly suitable for veneering with an infinite range of carefully chosen wood veneers.

Wood range
We offer to customers any kind of natural or recomposed veneer, with grades and dimensional requirements on request.

Features and Benefits
Overlayed with sliced veneers, Panoxil highlights its strengths:
  • lightness
  • very clear and uniform color that does not let annoying uneven telegraphing coloration, typical of panels made from recycled material
  • perfect surface calibration
  • 3130x1870 and 3700x1870mm sizes and thicknesses from 11 to 41mm suitable for any need (other sizes and thicknesses evaluated on request)
  • easy to work with great savings on tooling used
  • extremely low production lots
  • low formaldehyde emission, also F**** certified
  • FSC-CoC certification

mm. 3700x1870 (standard size)
mm. 3130x1870 (custom size)
Other sizes on request

Panel thickness
mm. 11, 13, 16, 19, 23, 26, 31
Others on request

Bonding and Certification
Panoxil® Standard is made with urea-formaldehyde resin, suitable for panel use in dry conditions. The panel is compliant with Class 1, according to the requirements of EN 717-1 (single-value <= 8mgHCHO/100g - medium value <= 6.5 mgHCHO/100g) methodological standards EN 120, commercially known as E1.
On request we also produce a panel with very low levels of formaldehyde emission that can be used without restriction in accordance with the Japanese norm F**** (JIS A 1460 - HCHO <= 0.3 mg/l), commercially known as the E0 class.
It is available on request with FSC-CoC certification.

Panoxil light weight particleboard

Panoxil light weight particleboard

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